Recommendations for
working with the system

How to maximize efficiency and avoid blocking messages.


Use synonyms to prevent your message from getting into spam filters.

Don't use pictures

Pictures get into spam filters and are the reason for blocking messages.


Use many different links, as one of your links can be blocked by spam filters.
Why is it important to randomize text
If you send the same message to a large number of contacts, it can be blocked by spam filters.
How can you randomize
Our system has built-in randomization tools. For example, if you write a message like this:
  • {Now | Outside} {great | nice} weather

The output will be different results (randomly):
  • Good weather outside
  • Now the weather is great
Send messages without pictures
Pictures quickly get into the spam filter databases and stop being delivered. When mailing to more than a few hundred contacts - refrain from using pictures.
If you decide to use a picture
Create mailing lists for no more than 150-300 contacts, use different pictures in each mailing list.
Use many different links
Create redirects on short link services or other similar services, be sure to check the link for passability through the spam filter.
Macros tool
If you have a large list of links, you can create a macro, name it for example {links}, put the list of links into it in a column and indicate the name of this macro in the message text. During the newsletter, a random link will be inserted.
Don't send too fast
When creating a newsletter in our interface, you can limit the speed of sending messages. This is necessary in order to reduce the risks of messages getting into the spam filter.
If you send too much too quickly
Your text or some of its fragments will be included in the spam filters database.
Where to get the contact base for mailing
Use customer bases or contacts from the details of calls, people who have previously contacted you, use the services of numerous parsers from the Internet, collect contacts from bulletin boards with special software or online services.
What format should contacts be in
What format should be the contact list for mailing by messengers?
The number must be in international format, for example: 79261111111

No dashes, hyphens, plus signs. Just a phone number.

The numbers should be located one below the other, like this: