Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions from our users.

Mailing launch

In what format should the contacts be, how the sending takes place, how to prepare the contact base for the mailing.

Service rules

The rules of our service and recommendations for launching mailings.

Contact database processing

What is the best way to handle the contact base for mailing.
Is it possible to substitute the desired name and address of the sender?
The name and address of the sender cannot be substituted in any communication channels, since the senders are people, they send messages from their accounts.
Message sending speed?
The speed of messengers within one mailing ranges from 50 to 500 messages per hour.
What percentage of messages are delivered?
We guarantee 100% sending of your message to all contacts, and we will provide screenshots for each message sent. But we cannot guarantee that your message will pass spam filters on this or that communication channel.

For example, receiving letters to email addresses is highly dependent on the content of the letter itself. The performers will send the desired letter to the required email addresses, but whether this letter goes through spam filters you should test yourself.
Not all users on my mailing list have the desired messenger
We do not perform a preliminary check before mailing, but for such contacts you will be charged a lower cost.
How long does it take for a message to be moderated?
During the daytime Moscow time from 8.00 to 20.00 moderation takes about 15 minutes.
What format should be the contact list for mailing by messengers?
The number must be in international format, for example: 39261111111

No dashes, hyphens, plus signs. Just a phone number.

The numbers should be located one below the other, like this:
What format should the email contact list be in?
Email addresses should be located one under the other, like this:
Do you make manufacturers check your contact base before mailing?
We do not check your database for validity before mailing. You have to do it yourself. But it is not necessary to do this, you can place contacts in the form in which you can.
How much will be charged for non-existent contacts in my database?
The cost will be 50% of the cost of sending a successful message.
n what form is the report and statistics?
You will be able to see the mailing process in real time. A screenshot will be provided for each processed contact.
Can your service be used to flood one contact?
Flooding of one number is prohibited with us, if such actions are detected, your account will be blocked without a refund.
Do you have the option to randomize the message text?
Yes, we have a built-in system for randomizing messages like this: {word 1 | word 2 | word 3}

To randomize various lists, such as links, the ability to create a macro.
How are messages sent?
Messages are sent manually by our numerous employees from all over the world.
How is quality controlled?
Our moderators carefully monitor the messages sent, reviewing each contact.
The system does not have the communication channel I need, can you add it?
Perhaps we can add the communication format you need, write your proposal to the support service - we will quickly consider it and possibly add the required communication channel.
How can I call you
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